PESA is the peak association for wellbeing education.

Our mission is to lead, develop, and foster the implementation and development of an evidenced based approach to wellbeing education.

Our vision is for the science of wellbeing and Positive Psychology to be integrated throughout the education system, enabling all students, schools, and the wider community to flourish. 

PESA advocates and promotes Positive Education to education systems. Positive Education is an approach that weaves the research from Positive Psychology and wellbeing science, into schools. Positive Education teaches young people the skills they need to support and manage their mental health and wellbeing, assisting them to make a successful transition into (and to maintain) a healthy adult lifestyle.

Teach, implement and deliver evidenced based wellbeing

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Dr Martin E P Seligman

PESA's Vision

For the science of wellbeing and Positive Psychology to be integrated throughout the education system, enabling all students, schools and communities to flourish.

Professor Lea Waters (PhD)

PESA 2022 Wellbeing in Education Conference

Our gratitude to our delegates, presenters and sponsors who helped make our seventh National Conference such a wonderful learning, sharing and connecting online event. It is truly inspiring to be part of a community of school leaders, educators, governments, universities, researchers, parents, and health professionals, who share a commitment to improving the wellbeing of our young people and the wider community.

PESA State Chapters

It is a key objective of PESA to promote Positive Education nation-wide and to facilitate collaboration between educators, school leaders, teachers and other professionals by growing professional networks, and encourage sharing of ideas and knowledge on a local level. PESA's State Chapters support and assist educators on a local level, provide the Association with insights and ideas from our members’ grass-roots experience, and run state-based professional development events.