On behalf of the PESA Board of Directors, I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our association. The Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) is the national peak body for wellbeing in Australia, with a deep commitment to fostering comprehensive wellbeing throughout schools through collaboration and shared learning.

Our membership includes a diverse array of individuals, such as teachers, school leaders, school staff, tertiary students, academics, parents, and community members, who are all united by a common goal: a commitment to fostering and advancing wellbeing science and positive education within the education system. Whether they are seasoned veterans or just starting on this journey, our members are united by a shared passion for learning, growth, and community building.

Being the Chair of PESA is both an honour and a privilege. Having been part of this remarkable organisation since 2015, I am continuously inspired by our dedicated board, CEO, and vibrant community of members. Together, we are committed to moving PESA forward, empowering schools to create flourishing communities through wellbeing science and positive psychology initiatives.

Many young people struggle with low wellbeing and mental health issues. This is where schools can make a positive difference by implementing Positive Education, a science-based framework focused on building wellbeing within and beyond the classroom.

Positive Education provides schools with a toolkit of evidence-based strategies to measure their efforts’ impact, ensuring they genuinely support students and staff effectively.

PESA is dedicated to empowering schools to implement Positive Education, enabling the entire school community to flourish. We achieve this through:

  • Sharing best practices and resources through conferences, an online professional development program and collaboration with members and partners.
  • Building a dynamic, Positive Education community across Australia, New Zealand, and internationally.
  • Developing resources like the Positive Education Guide.

Positive Education goes beyond just wellbeing. Research shows it also enhances academic development. Good emotional well-being leads to better learning outcomes and achievement while enriching learning experiences contribute to overall well-being.

Over the past decade, numerous schools have embraced Positive Education, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving student and staff wellbeing and academic performance.

The growing demand for Positive Education highlights the need for validated approaches to school wellbeing and the value this approach brings.

It’s an honour to be part of such an inclusive, forward-thinking community, and we eagerly anticipate your participation.

Warm regards,

Warren Symonds, PESA Chair

May 2024