Upcoming Events and Professional Development Opportunities

Please find below a list of upcoming events you may wish to attend.

Positive Education Conference
Perth, 7 October 2017

Hosted by Perth College in association with the Positivity Institute, the aim of the conference is to foster the development of Positive Education in Perth, WA, and beyond, and to provide a forum for Positive Education researchers, teachers, students and practitioners. A focus of the conference will be on practical application of Positive Education principles for students, staff and whole school communities. Speakers include Professor Lea Waters, Professor Felicia A Huppert, and Associate Professor Lindsay G Oades.  For further information and to register, click here.

Practical Strategies to Support Teacher Mindset

When:      Tuesday 17th October 4.15 – 5.45pm
Where:    Mary Place, All Hallows’ School
547 Ann St, Brisbane
Price:       PESA members: FREE
Non-members: $50 (includes a 1-year PESA membership)

In this event, organised by our Queensland Chapter, Daniela Falecki, B.Ed (Physical Ed & Health), M.Ed (Leadership), will share her expertise on:

  • Myths and facts regarding growth mindset
  • The role reflection plays in developing our mindset
  • The relationship between feedback and mindset
  • Links to Mental Toughness and developing the 4 C’s (Confidence, Challenge, Commitment and Control)

Click here to view the event flyer and to book.

We are grateful to All Hallows’ School for their generous support of this event.

24 & 25 October 2017
The Australian Events Centre, Melbourne

The Boosting Mental Health & Well-being in Schools conference is about developing and supporting whole school approaches to improve mental health and wellbeing through proactive initiatives and evidence-based programs.

Hear evidence-based case studies and real stories from speakers such as

  • Jane Burns (Chief Executive Officer, Young & Well CRC),
  • Craig Reid (Professional Services Manager, Principals Australia Institute),
  • David Kolpak (Head of Junior Years – Wellbeing & Administration, St Peter’s College),
  • Dorothy Hoddinott AO (Principal Holroyd High School),
  • Joanne Alford Deputy ( Principal-Wellbeing, St Francis Xavier College & PESA Director); and
  • Geoff Seletto (Deputy Principal Rosebud Secondary College)

For further information and to download the program, please click here.

Criterion Conferences present Boosting Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

24 & 25 October 2017

Building resilience and capacity to address a national crisis from a whole-school approach

The prevalence of mental health related issues has risen steeply among young Australians. Nearly one in four teens meet the criteria for probable mental illness and suicide rates in youths are at their highest level in ten years. Schools are confronted with an increase in the volume of students presenting with anxiety and depression and are observing the emergence of this in younger age groups.

The Boosting Mental Health & Well-being in Schools conference is about developing and supporting whole school approaches to improve mental health and wellbeing through proactive initiatives and evidence-based programs.

For further information please click here.

Victoria Chapter One-Day Conference

Saturday 18 November 2017
Camberwell Girls Grammar School

This conference is intended to provide participants with a hands-on, highly practical approach to Positive Education – whether your school is just starting out on its Positive Education journey, or is further advanced.

We’ll offer:

  • A Positive Education 101 session, presented by Therese Joyce
  • A range of interactive workshops
  • An expert keynote speaker – watch this space!
  • A panel discussion featuring representatives from across the government, independent and Catholic sectors, in a Q&A-style format.

We’d love to hear from you if you have a workshop idea – please click here to submit your proposal.  Submissions close on 29 September.

We’re very keen for workshop presenters to share low-cost, practical ideas and strategies that participants can use back at their own schools. This may be pitched at Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary level, and may go beyond student wellbeing to include staff wellbeing or parent engagement.

Our aim is for delegates to leave this conference with a wide range of new resources, skills and tools they can implement immediately.

For further details please click here.

We look forward to seeing you there, to share ideas and experiences, and to advance Positive Education across Victoria.

The World Positive Education Accelerator: 2nd Festival of Positive Education + Appreciative Inquiry Summit

Fort Worth Convention Centre, Texas
June 25-29, 2018

The World Positive Education Accelerator (WPEA) is the first of its kind—integrating the International Positive Education Network’s (IPEN) second Festival of Positive Education with the David L. Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry methodology. Similar to the 2016 Festival of Positive Education, the 2018 WPEA will elevate the inspiration and ideas of over 1,200 researchers, educators, practitioners, positive psychologists and other parties interested in promoting both academic achievement and character virtue development.  For further information and to register, click here.

4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology – Canadian Positive Psychology Association
Toronto, Canada
May 23-25, 2018

This conference is for teachers, counsellors, educators, and positive psychology practitioners who are interested in learning how to use Positive Psychology to increase resilience in schools.  For further information, click here.

The Geelong Grammar School Institute of Positive Education offers a wide range of short training courses.  Topics include:

  • Getting Started with Positive Education
  • Positive Education in Action
  • Strategies for Living Well
  • Discovering Positive Education
  • Discovering More Positive Education
  • Embedding Character Strengths
  • Exploring Mindfulness
  • How to Change a Culture
  • Positive Teaching Practices
  • Values-Based Stress Management
  • Implementing Positive Education
  • Positive Education for Parents

Click here for courses by date and location.

Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education)

Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology