Upcoming Events and Professional Development Opportunities

Please find below a list of upcoming events you may wish to attend.

Positive Education Conference
Perth, 7 October 2017

Hosted by Perth College in association with the Positivity Institute, the aim of the conference is to foster the development of Positive Education in Perth, WA, and beyond, and to provide a forum for Positive Education researchers, teachers, students and practitioners. A focus of the conference will be on practical application of Positive Education principles for students, staff and whole school communities. Speakers include Professor Lea Waters, Professor Felicia A Huppert, and Associate Professor Lindsay G Oades.  For further information and to register, click here.

PESA Queensland Chapter –Positive Education Twilight Series
Brisbane, 17 August 2017
Organised by our Queensland Chapter, the twilight sessions are designed as bite-sized keynotes to explore current developments in Positive Education. In the first of these sessions we are pleased to present The St Peter’s College Adelaide Positive Education Journey Genesis to Impact: Critical Thinking, Critical Steps.  Simon Murray, recently retired Headmaster of St Peter’s College Adelaide, will share his school’s Positive Education journey, and provide his insights on embedding Positive Education, from the initial design phase through to implementation. As the founding Chairman of PESA, Simon will also discuss the Association’s objectives and priorities.

Venue: The Gap State High School, JA Robertson Hall, 1020 Waterworks Rd, The Gap QLD 4061
Time: 4.15pm – 5.45pm

With thanks to our Qld Chapter organising committee for offering what promises to be a wonderful event.

Please click here to view the flyer and to book.

The Geelong Grammar School Institute of Positive Education offers a wide range of short training courses.  Topics include:

  • Getting Started with Positive Education
  • Positive Education in Action
  • Strategies for Living Well
  • Discovering Positive Education
  • Discovering More Positive Education
  • Embedding Character Strengths
  • Exploring Mindfulness
  • How to Change a Culture
  • Positive Teaching Practices
  • Values-Based Stress Management
  • Implementing Positive Education
  • Positive Education for Parents

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Professional Certificate in Education (Positive Education)

Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology