PESA is committed to promoting Positive Education nation-wide and internationally, to supporting our members across the globe through provision of quality resources, and to facilitating collaboration between members.

To this end, we have established Chapters in every state of Australia, the ACT, and Singapore, which support and assist members on a more local level, provide the Association with insights and ideas from our members’ grass-roots experience, and run locally-based professional development events.

Our Chapters bring together school leaders, teachers, academics, health professionals, parents and community members by growing networks, and encouraging sharing of ideas and knowledge on a local level.  Our Chapter organising committees run regular local events such as state conferences, networking events and Positive Education seminars and workshops.  Most events are free to PESA members.  Non-members are very welcome to attend and the ticket price for these events usually include an annual PESA membership for non-members.

To view the PESA Chapter Charter, which sets out the roles and responsibilities of our Chapter committee members, please click here.

Chapter committees bring together a broad cross-section of PESA members, including educators from the government, independent and religious-affiliated sectors, academics, health professionals, parents and community members.

If you are keen to be involved, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please click here to view a highlight video of our Chapters’ 2018 events and achievements.

We are delighted to announce that our Singapore Chapter officially launched on 1 April 2021.