Dr Martin E P Seligman
Dr Martin E P Seligman

As Patron of the Positive Education Schools Association since its inception in 2013, I am honoured to support this organisation as a world-leader in the field of Positive Education, and I proudly share PESA’s commitment to promoting an evidence-based approach to growing wellbeing in our schools.

I believe that schools can, and should, teach both the traditional skills for academic attainment, and the skills needed to lead a flourishing life.  Indeed, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, our schools’ role in cultivating character and resilience in young people, and teaching them how to nurture their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them, has never been more crucial.

PESA supports its members in their mission to grow flourishing in our schools and their communities through the provision of high-quality resources, and facilitating collaboration between educators, school leaders, academics, parents and community members.

As Patron of PESA, it is my hope that this organisation will continue to advance wellbeing science in our schools, share best practice in the field of Positive Education, and act as a beacon of hope about what really matters in education.

Dr Martin E P Seligman
Zellerbach Family Professor of Psychology
Director of the Positive Psychology Center
University of Pennsylvania

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