As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, PESA is committed to supporting our members during this difficult time.  

We are therefore pleased to advise that our Positive Education Guide will be available to all members for one month at no cost. 

We know that many of you are now delivering online lessons, or preparing to do so, in light of school closures. This may lead to uncertainty and anxiety for some of you, as well as your students.

Of course, the wellbeing of our students and colleagues is paramount, and we are keen to ensure you have access to high-quality resources during this time.

Please click here to access the Guide.

You will need to be logged in to the PESA website as a member to access the Guide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help logging in.

The complimentary access link expires on 23 April. After this time, you are very welcome to subscribe to the Guide, at a cost of $29.95/year.

This comprehensive resource includes chapters on:

  • The Current State of Mental Health
  • An Overview of Positive Psychology
  • “Wellbeing” Definitions and Frameworks
  • Suggestions for Developing Your Own Wellbeing Strategy
  • Advice on How to Take an Appreciative, Strengths-based Approach
  • Suggested Wellbeing Leadership Structures
  • Parent and Carer Engagement
  • Your Staff Wellbeing and Engagement
  • School Policies & Vision and Mission Statement
  • Student Agency
  • Taught, Sought, and Caught Curriculum
  • A Comprehensive List of Positive Education Curricula and Programs
  • Wellbeing Measurement: Objectives and Methods
  • The Intersection Between Positive Education, Curriculum & National Priorities
  • Overview of Interventions, Practices, and Key Concepts

The guide also includes a practical self-assessment checklist, hundreds of hyperlinks to additional resources as well as examples of wellbeing models & approaches from various schools & universities.

Over 18 months in development, this online guide is available only to PESA members for A$29.95 for 12 months access, which will include 2 updates per year.

Individual PESA Members (incl. Students) –
Logged in, active PESA members can subscribe to this invaluable resource for A$29.95 for 12 months’ access. Click here to login and then return to this page to complete your subscription. Once you’ve subscribed, your access link will appear at the top of this page.

Institutional PESA Members –
Institutional members each receive 5 individual user access codes for staff use.  When you have received your codes, please click here to access the Guide.

If you are an institutional member but have not yet received your codes, please contact us.

Non-Members –
Please click here to join PESA for A$109.95, which includes a 12 month subscription to the guide. Once you’ve signed up, your access link will appear at the top of this page.