Institutional Membership Large Team

$2,700.00 / year

Provide up to 25 staff with PESA Membership Benefits



  • Provide up to 25 staff with PESA Membership Benefits:
  • Empower all staff to prioritize wellbeing: The information and resources provided through this membership will equip staff with the tools they need to manage and improve their own wellbeing.
  • Science-backed pedagogy: By educating all staff on the science of wellbeing, they will have a deeper understanding of how to integrate wellbeing principles into their teaching practice and improve classroom engagement and academic performance.
  • Comprehensive Professional Development: An affordable and accessible 12-month professional development and learning plan for wellbeing provides staff with a structured and supported pathway for growth.
  • Showcase a school wide commitment to wellbeing: This membership offers a way for a school to demonstrate its commitment to wellbeing to its staff, parents, and wider community, fostering a positive and supportive culture.