Congratulations to our Chair, Simon Murray OAM, and Deputy Chair, Anne Johnstone for being recognised among just five educational leaders globally for pioneering work, contribution and internationally-recognised leadership in the field of Positive Education since its inception!

Simon and Anne were invited as Honorees by the University of Pennsylvania and Eisenhower Fellowships at by-invitation Positive Education Summit held last week in Philadelphia.

The Summit was led by Professor Martin Seligman and Jim Hovey (Chair of Eisenhower Fellowships) and was held to celebrate the contribution of the following Honourees – Anne Johnstone, Stephen Meek, Simon Murray OAM, Steve Pilch and Sir Anthony Seldon.

A second objective of the summit was to explore the future of Positive Education.

Attendees included Angela Duckworth PhD, Alejandro Adler PhD, Professor Lea Waters PhD, Professor Laurie Santos, Charlie Scudamore and a range of other leaders and Eisenhower Fellows across the globe.

Anne made a formal presentation at the Summit and shared her research in her MAPP (UPenn) capstone and PhD, as well as showcasing Ravenswood’s approach to Positive Education as a Visible Wellbeing School and thoughts about the future.

Simon and Anne, as Honourees, also made speeches about the way forward in this exciting field.

Well-deserved accolades for these outstanding leaders.