A very warm welcome to the Positive Education Schools Association.

PESA is Australia’s Positive Education peak association.  Our members include schools, universities, educators, parents, researchers, charities and other community members who share an interest in an evidence-based approach to wellbeing, and a commitment to supporting our schools, students, and the wider community to flourish. We are based in Australia with a national focus, and also welcome international members.

Positive Education is the application of the scientifically-informed principles of Positive Psychology within an educational setting which have an impact on student, staff and wider-community wellbeing – both in enhancing wellbeing and reducing ill-being.  It is an approach to the development of an educational system which acknowledges the importance of, and teaches the skills required to enhance, wellbeing and character development as an essential component of academic achievement and personal flourishing over an individual’s lifetime.

Positive Education is an approach that values eudaimonic wellbeing, focusing on meaning, self-realisation and ‘doing good’.

Now, more than ever, educators are acknowledging the link between wellbeing and student achievement.  Schools are increasingly focusing on the development of resilience, optimism, emotional stability and grit in each individual, and the importance of students and staff understanding and utilising their character strengths.

PESA is committed to contributing to a thriving society where everyone can fulfil their potential and achieve both personal success and wellbeing.  We believe that every institution within society has a moral obligation to promote human flourishing – and none more so than those responsible for educating young people, our schools.

PESA is proud to serve members across Australia and abroad, ranging from educators, parents, and researchers, to schools, universities, charities and other community members, who share an interest in an evidence-based approach to wellbeing, and a commitment to supporting their schools, and the wider community, to flourish.

We are delighted to welcome you to our rapidly growing community.

Marita Hayes-Brown