Marita Hayes-BrownA very warm welcome to the Positive Education Schools Association.

Now, more than ever, educators across the globe are acknowledging the intrinsic link between wellbeing and student achievement.  Indeed, this acknowledgement challenges the historical paradigm of education, which prioritised academic achievement above all other goals.  By contrast, at the heart of Positive Education is the belief that a replete education comprises two intertwined strands of equal importance:

  • Academics, and
  • Character and Wellbeing

PESA is committed to contributing to a thriving society where everyone can fulfill their potential and achieve both personal success and wellbeing.  We believe that every institution within society has a moral obligation to promote human flourishing – and none more so than those responsible for educating young people, our schools.

The confronting findings relating to youth suicide and youth mental health reported in the 2016 Orygen ‘Raising the Bar for Youth Suicide Prevention’ Report and the 2016 Mission Australia Annual Youth Survey certainly attest to the fact that there’s never been a more urgent need for communities to focus on the mental health of our children and young people.  The commitment to student wellbeing that our schools and wider communities are now making is an important component in addressing the youth mental health crisis we now face.

As Australia’s first Positive Education not-for-profit national peak body, PESA is proud to serve almost 1000 members across Australia and abroad.  Our members range from educators, parents, and researchers, to schools, universities, charities and other community members, who share an interest in an evidence-based approach to wellbeing, and a commitment to supporting their schools, and the wider community, to flourish.

Each of us can be a vital agent for change, and the foundations we are now laying within the field of wellbeing will no doubt reap vast benefits as the students of today become the parents, employers, educators, politicians and leaders of tomorrow.

PESA’s Vision –

To lead and promote the science of wellbeing and Positive Psychology, enabling all students, schools and communities to flourish.

PESA’s Mission –

To foster the implementation and development of Positive Psychology and its applications in education settings.

PESA’s Goals –

  • To advocate the significance of wellbeing as core to educational outcomes
  • To facilitate collaboration amongst teachers, students, researchers and practitioners of wellbeing and Positive Psychology across all aspects of school life
  • To equip educators across all sectors with a deeper understanding of wellbeing, Positive Psychology and its applications in education
  • To establish links with other key international organisations supporting Positive Psychology


Marita Hayes-Brown
May 2017