Corporate Membership

$659.00 / year

Provides up to five staff with PESA Membership Benefits



  • Provides up to five staff with PESA Membership Benefits:
  • Information and resources: Empower your key staff with resources.
  • Science-backed pedagogy: Educate key staff on how teachers can integrate wellbeing principles into their teaching practice to improve classroom engagement and academic performance.
  • FREE professional development and Learning: Provide key staff with a structured and supported pathway for growth in wellbeing.
  • Access to a community of practice: Connect with wellbeing educators across Australia to share knowledge and provide opportunities for collaboration.
  • Discount at PESA events and conferences: Provide staff the opportunity to attend PESA events.
  • Showcase your organisation’s commitment to wellbeing: This membership offers a way for a company to demonstrate its commitment to wellbeing in education, fostering a positive and supportive culture.