The following resources are relevant to the topic of Wellbeing and Learning (listed by author alphabetically):

Australian Government – Department of Education, Skills and Employment – Student Wellbeing, Engagement and Learning across the Middle Years – report

Susanne Bücker , Sevim Nuraydin , Bianca A. Simonsmeier , Michael Schneide & Maike Luhmann – Subjective wellbeing and academic achievement – journal article

Cambridge Assessment International Education – Learner Wellbeing – paper

Tania Clarke – Children’s wellbeing and their academic achievement – journal article

Department of Education Queensland – Student Learning and Wellbeing Framework– government document

Evidence for Learning – Student health and wellbeing: a systematic review of intervention research examining effective student wellbeing in schools and their academic outcomes  – research review

Karen Peel (Australian Teacher Magazine) – Self-regulated learning and wellbeing – article

Tiina Soini, Kirsi Pyhalto & Janne Pietarinen – Pedagogical wellbeing: reflecting learning and wellbeing in teacher’s work – journal article

Sue Thomson, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) – PISA 2018: Academic resilience among Australian students – report

Mathew White and Margaret Kern – Positive education: learning and teaching for wellbeing and academic mastery – journal article