Congratulations to our Victoria Chapter on a very successful second state conference, held on 19 September 2018, and kindly hosted by Forest Hill College.

Almost 120 participants attended, and we were very grateful to learn from keynote presenters Dr Peggy Kern and Dr Kelly-Anne Allen from the University of Melbourne, Rhiannon McGee from Geelong Grammar, our “Inspire” session presenters, and our 14 workshop presenters who very generously shared their expertise and experience.

Please click here to view the program.

Keynote presenter slides may be accessed via the links below.  (Please note that these are provided for our members’ personal use only and may not be distributed, displayed or otherwise used publicly without the authors’ prior consent and proper attribution.)

Dr Peggy Kern and Dr Kelly-Ann Allen – please contact us to view this presentation

Helen Butler – Headspace and the NEI

Dr Paige Williams – Introduction to Positive Education

Adrienne Baucke & Saraid Doherty – What makes an exceptional whole school wellbeing program?

Rachel Colla – Hope Matters

Mariane Power & Jenna O’Connell – Igniting Personal Purpose to Help Your Students Belong & Flourish Now and Into the Future

Aaron Jarden and Alexandra Johnston – Innovative and cutting-edge wellbeing promoting activities

Simon McIntosh – Promoting a Mathematical Mindset

Athena Vass – Implementation of Positive Psychology – A Year 10 Elective

Joshua Stavert – Sharing Positive Education and Coaching: Libguide

Bree Harris – Experiential Learning Making Pos. Ed Come Alive through the Explicit + Implicit Curriculum

*  Additional presenter slides will be uploaded as they come to hand.


View the video presented at the conference with students’ reflections on Belonging